The Ribbon Writer System & Specifications.

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We are very excited to be able to present our newest version of  Diamond Design software that runs with our Ribbon Writers. Each of the printers feature USB to USB connectivity for an easy setup experience. For a technical breakdown of each of the printers, please click the corresponding link.

Click here for the specifications of the ORIGINAL 200dpi and the EXCEL 300dpi Ribbon Writers.

With packages starting from the amazing price of £535.00 + VAT you can get started straight away, just open the box and everything you need to print your first project is inside.

When you buy our system you will find it is:

  • Easy to install
  • Comes in a neat, well protected box with carry handle
  • Comes complete with the newly updated Diamond Design software plus an Image disc, all leads and cables required, along with a starter pack of ribbon and transfer foils; truly a “business in a box”!
  • A comprehensive guide to installation and use, thanks to the comprehensive digital handbook and video
  • 12 month standard manufacturers warranty (we offer an extended warranty for £49.99 + Vat per year when this
    Our newly updated Diamond Design bespoke software sits on your PC or laptop and can now be used with your mac ( Call or email us for more information on this ) should you want to. The programme allows you to print on ribbon as narrow as 7mm right up to 100mm and any width in between! Ideal for gift wrap, hen night sashes and celebration banners!

The newly updated software has been designed to run on Vista, Window 7 & 8, in both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Our latest updates have opened up a host of new features within the software, making your experience even better to:

  • Print vertically
  • Layer images (with transparent background) behind text or other images
  • Choose ribbon colour and foil colour ( an error message will alert you to unsuitable colour combinations )
  • Text/object manipulation now allows: stretching, rotation and skewing
  • Ability to “nudge” text or images giving even greater control over fine movements
  • Undo / Redo feature allows for easy backtracking and tweaking
  • Translation into other languages now possible ( enquire for details )
  • Object grouping & ungrouping
  • Improved zoom function

The Ribbon Writers work via heat transfer using a transfer foil or film as it is called, these are available in 20 different colours with new colours in the offing; the transfer is made at very low temperatures ensuring a crisp, dense print. We recommend that you print onto Polyester Satin ribbons for the best results. Click here to go to the web shop for details on all our foils and ribbons.