Which Ribbon Writer Is Right For Me?

The Original Ribbon Writer

The Original Ribbon Writer is the industry standard for ribbon printing, it represents both value and performance and continues to be the model of choice for both new & existing customers alike, thanks to the following features:

  • 50.8mm per second printing speed means that your ribbons are created quickly
  • 203 dpi printing resolution offers a fantastic & clear print
  • Prints on the left hand side, meaning you can reuse your foils for even less wastage
  • Full colour range of foils means you can find the perfect foil to fit your job
  • Easy Multi ribbon printing, thanks to our industry leading width adaptors (Free software templates provided)
  • Robust & easily portable
  • Small desktop printer, which can easily fit into any environment

You can view the technical specifications for the Original Ribbon Writer here.

The Ribbon Writer Excel

The Ribbon Writer Excel pushes the envelope of performance for quality and ushers in a new era for ribbon printing at prices that are perfect to fit your budget. The latest model offers:

  • 88.9mm per second print speed, making even the longest print jobs a breeze.
  • 300 dpi printing resolution is revolutionising narrow ribbon printing, giving a new level of detail
  • The width adaptors for the Original model are compatible with the Excel model enabling you to print more ribbons at once than ever before. (Free Software Templates provided if required)
  • A small, robust & reliable desktop printer that is easily portable
  • Uses same core size as the Ribbon Writer Original, so foils are interchangeable

You can view the technical specifications for the Ribbon Writer Excel here.