All prices are net so VAT must be added at the current rate of 20%

If you prefer to pay by monthly installments equipment lease options are available via a 3rd party leasing company. Please ask us for more information.

We offer 4 core packages between the 2 printers, and each one enables you to get started straight away. For a detailed list of each package, click here

In your 'Business in a Box' you will have your Diamond Design software disk. This has been specially developed by us to use on your PC. Diamond Design is a Windows software. It will also run on a MAC via Boot Camp software (or similar Windows emulation software) pre installed on your MAC) Diamond Design is easy to use allowing you to quickly design and print ribbon projects. With our software you will be able to print text using the True type fonts available on your PC as well as print clipart images. Flip Text Horizontally , Vertically, Mirror Image items so they can be used as window stickers, Create your iron on labels and so, so much more.

Other Ribbon Printer systems often require you to design in other formats and then import your work in for printing, whilst this is still an option, Diamond Design gives you all the design capabilities to create within then package which gives you greater flexibility and choice. We have a very user friendly, intuitive printing programme that even the novice computer user will be able to use.

There are other foils and ribbons available that work with the printers; we can only guarantee the printed results based on our foils (using other foils may invalidate your warranty) we have kept our foil prices competitive and hold large stocks ensuring good supply, and we know that they work well with our ribbons. In the unlikely event that they do fail we will also replace the roll of transfer film free of charge.

Likewise with our ribbons, from experience we know that they will always print well and give excellent results. The quality and the batch colours will match time and time again. You are welcome to use your own ribbon suppliers if you wish, but we know ours will give you superb results consistently at good value for money.

Our New V5 Diamond Design Software has been specially developed to be quick and easy to install onto your PC, follow the instructions and even the most basic PC user should have no trouble getting to grips with the system. Also we have available on line and on 'You Tube' a tutorial video to guide you.

We are always ready to help with any queries on 01527 758567. (during office hours)

Ribbon Writer
Mulberry House
Unit B Buntsford Park Road
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Our normal office hours are 8.45am – 4.45pm each week day , somebody will be on hand to help you out with any technical issues you might have. Sometimes we cannot deal with them over the phone and we might need to arrange remote access to your computer at a later time to suit you, but most issues can be quickly and easily fixed over the phone. We endeavour to solve your problems as soon as we can to make sure that you continue printing!

We stock a full range of ribbons for printing as well as other fancy ribbons for decoration; we take great care in sourcing our supply to make sure they are of both good quality and value. We are happy to supply in small quantities of just one roll of ribbon at a time if you wish at very competitive prices. With no minimum quantities required this means that you can keep your stock holding down and free up more of your cash for other purchases.

From experience we know that our ribbons print well through the ribbon printer and give good, clear, crisp quality results each time and also colour match from batch to batch, that will be useful for regular clients and long runs you may have to produce.

In the unlikely event of this happening we normally stock a couple of spare second hand machines, we ask you to send back your printer so we can look at it for any repairs that might be needed and we send you out a loan printer whilst yours is being looked at. This will be free of charge to help you carry on printing, all we ask is when your machine has been fixed that you return the loan machine to us in good condition by return of post.

We have our popular Ribbon Writers Club, that, with your permission you will be entered onto. The Listing shows where ribbon printers are around the country and people can use this to phone prospective suppliers for orders.

We produce a Newsletter and send it out via 'Mailchimp' by email to all Ribbon Printers with the latest news, idea's, projects, hints and tips. It is designed to assist you by giving you idea's on getting the best out of your Ribbon Writer. To receive the Newsletter, which is produced every 1 - 2 months, please complete the pop up you see when you first visit the website.

We have been successfully running the other side of our business for the last 20 years concentrating on all aspects of Hot Foil Printing . This is foil printing often using metallic colours onto Paper, Board, Plastic and Leather products as well as promotional items. We sell both new and second hand machines and also provide extensive training with the machines sold. With these machines you can set up various business's such as Rosette Making, Wedding Stationery and Card Printing,Promotional Printing and so, so much more.

Please see our sister site at: www.hotfoiluk.com to give you an idea.

Well this is really up to you, once you have gathered the information, we would like you to phone us and have a chat with no obligation so we can see if this system would fit into your business ideas. We are here to help you and assist you in growing your business , which in turn will hopefully grow ours! PHONE ON 01527 877711 NOW!