Top tips and trouble shooting…


Don’t forget that there are demo videos covering the following topics; loading your ribbon and foil, narrow ribbon printing, multi ribbon printing, iron on label printing, diamond label printing, how to print a sash, lanyard printing.

These can be found on the ‘videos’ page.


Common errors during installation


Issue:  No printer found?

Explanation:  The option to install printer drivers pops up at the end of your software installation but sometimes this is missed by mistake.

Fix:  Uninstall Diamond Design and re install – then look out for the pop up and follow the onscreen instructions for drivers to be downloaded.


Issue:  Printer is feeding excess blank foil/ribbon after job has finished printing?

Explanation:  This means they either you have not adjusted your settings within ‘Printing Preferences’, as prompted by the software install.  (Instructions for this come with all new printers on an A4 sheet) or that an update of Windows has re set these to default.

Fix:  Adjust settings within ‘Printing Preferences’ – If you can’t find the instructions on how to do this please contact [email protected], we can email a copy to you


Issue:  No activation code?

Explanation:  Your activation code is automatically emailed to you when we create a license for your software, very often the code goes into your junk mail folder

Fix:  If you cannot find the email in your junk folder please contact [email protected], we can email it directly to you.


Issue:  Activation won’t work?

Fix 1:  Ensure that you have copied and pasted (code MUST be input exactly as sent) if you try to retype it often fails.

Fix 2:  Message: “No connection to the mothership” – You are not connected to the internet; check your internet connection.

Fix 3:  Message “unable to recognise Diamond Design activation code” this is very uncommon, but when this occurs you may need to activate manually.  Please contact [email protected] and we will email you step by step instructions.


Common technical issues during Installation


Issue:  Printer comes up under the title ‘unspecified’.

Explanation:  The driver has not been installed for the printer.

Fix:  The driver will have been saved on your PC when you installed the software so it is just a case of installing it from the file, follow the instructions below:

Go to Devices and Printers:
> Right Click, Select Properties
> Click on Hardware tab, click Properties at the bottom
> Click Change Settings
> Click on Driver tab and click Update Driver
> Select Browse my computer for driver software
>Input C:\Seagull into the text box and click next
You will then be prompted to install the seagull drivers, click install which will finish installing the driver.
Once this has been completed don’t forget to adjust the printing preferences.


Issue:  Printer is not visible within Devices and Printers.

Explanation:  This can often be a port allocation issue.

Fix:  Go to Devices and Printers
> Right Click, Select Printer Properties
> Go to the Ports tab
Here you will be able to select which USB Port the computer sees the Ribbon Printer, select an empty port and click apply, if this does not work repeat the process until you have found the correct port.
Occasionally you will have the printer on the same port as another printer and you will be unable to see the Argox, right click each visible printer and when the menu comes up you will be able to see a > next to Printing Preferences and Printer properties, this is where the printer will be, click on Printer Properties, then click the Argox printer and follow the instructions above.


Issue:  The correct .NET Framework is not installed.

Explanation:  On Windows the .net framework 2.0 and 3.0 can default to disabled; both are required to support Diamond Design.

Fix:  To enable these follow the instructions below, if these instructions are not relevant to your version of Windows please call or email us for help.

> Go to Control Panel
> Click Programs
> Click Turn Windows Features On or Off
> Click the little tick box next to .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)
> Make sure all versions of .NET are selected
> Click OK then follow on screen instructions


Issue:  Error message “This version of Diamond Design is not compatible”?

Explanation:  Check the version of Windows you are using, if this error message comes up it is most likely to be Windows XP – which is not compatible with the most recent versions of the software.

Fix: Email [email protected] and ask for the older Windows XP compatible software.


General Printing Issues


Issue:  Green lights flashing and print stops after a few centimetres?

Explanation:  This is a light sensor issue.

Fix 1:  Check printing preferences have been adjusted correctly (Refer to Errors During Installation).

Fix 2:  Check the tape is in place covering light sensors (Black tape for the ORIGINAL OS-214 plus or White tape for the EXCEL OS-314 plus), left hand side behind front roller bar – see image below.

If the tape has come loose, been damaged or has been removed, re-cover with black tape for the ORIGINAL OS-214 Plus OR white tape for the EXCEL OS-314 Plus. (It does make a difference if you use the wrong tape colour).

Fix 3:  Switch off printer and remove black tape and replace with white, re send print and visa-versa.

Fix 4:  Switch off printer and remove all tape, re send print.

One of the above 3 fixes should sort out the problem.  If you are still having issues please contact us for more help.


Issue:  Printer does not print but both green lights are on?

Fix 1:  Check all connections are in place; sometimes the lead into the power adaptor connection becomes loose.

Fix 2:  Printhead is not engaged on one or BOTH sides resulting in no print.

Fix 3:  The foil is loaded incorrectly or upside down or failure to attach the end to the uptake core securely.  There is a short film on our website videos page which has a step by step guide of loading the ribbon and foil.


Issue:  Print is sent, but ready light does not flash

Fix:  Replace USB lead as these can fail, this is a standard printer USB lead so you may already have one from another printer you can try, we carry stock of these if you need to order one from us.


Info on Apple Mac

Diamond Design runs on Windows, therefore it needs a windows operating system to run. To use Diamond Design on a Mac you will need to install a Windows emulation pack, most modern Mac’s will come with one of these pre-installed. Two examples are Bootcamp or Winebottler.

Don’t be afraid to call or email us for help!

The technical support telephone number is: 01527 758567  or email:  [email protected]

When you contact us for help we find it very useful to ask you to take pictures of the printer showing how you have the ribbon and foil installed.  Also, if you are having print quality issues we may ask you to email photographs of the printed ribbon.

We can tell a lot from the images and will be better able to help!

If there is any issue you are unsure of or cannot fix using this these tips and trouble shooters please feel free to contact us, make sure you have all of the information available, your printer connected to your PC and Diamond Design open and ready to use.  If possible please ensure that you are connected to the internet with your email account open in case we need to connect remotely to assist you.