Enchanted Rose Florist

I have recently bought a Ribbon Writer and I have to say from the start this company have been amazing. I didn’t know which printer would be best for me so I emailed them and Jo replied straight away. She gave me information on each of the printers, breaking down exactly what each one can do. This helped me make my decision a lot easier.

I had a few problems getting it up and going even though the instructions couldn’t have been more straight forward. I had to contact Jo and Beth twice to help me and they were brilliant both times. They both quickly solved my problem and got me up and running. I absolutely love my Ribbon Writer and I feel very confident that if I do have any more issues in the future there is a good team within this company that are more than happy to help and to me. This kind of service is invaluable. I find a lot of companies are very helpful when you are buying their products but once you have bought it the customer service can be terrible. However this is definitely not the case with this company they really have been very good.

Enchanted Rose Florist, Derby