In Print Cornwall Hot Foil & Ribbon Printing

Thank you Ribbon Printing Europe! Despite the fact that we bought our ribbon printer from one of their competitors, when the printer ‘for no apparent reason just wouldn’t work’ Jo and all at Ribbon Print Europe bent over backwards to help. Their engineer, Steve, was in regular contact trying to solve the problem in every way they knew, but still our printer and computer refused to talk to each other. It became something of a challenge and matter of pride, especially seeing it worked perfectly well when connected to any of Ribbon Print Europe’s computers, when they had it for a few days. Back at home – still no joy, so Jo very kindly offered a swap with a different printer and ‘Hey Presto’ the replacement worked first time! Many thanks to Ribbon Print Europe for all their fantastic help and endless patience with our stubborn printer. Andy Crewes (Relieved of Cornwall)